is a free online URL shortener service from the Finteza analytical system developers. Generate a short link with one click and share it in any website, community or a social media page. The server additionally generates a QR code which can be inserted into any resource as an image or code. Users will be able to scan the QR code using a smartphone camera and open the specified page. This option is especially useful when you cannot post a direct link.

Evaluate additional click attribution and end page management features. Enable UTM codes and track short link clicks in your analytical system. UTM parameters in square brackets, such as referer (the URL address of the page from which the link was clicked), domain (lead source site), lang (website language) and platform (user device — PC, tablet or smartphone) are implemented as macros and passed automatically. You can also manually enter utm_campaign, utm_medium, utm_content, utm_term and other tags with the desired values. Then add a long link to the upper field and get a short URL with UTM tracking.

In addition to attribution, allows configuring the end link targets. One short link can lead to both a web page and a mobile application section. Specify a deep link, as well as App Store and Google Play download links in appropriate fields. By clicking on your short link, mobile device users will be forwarded to the specified application section or will be able to download the app if it is not installed. Enter a long link in the upper field and use the generated short URL with embedded deep links and application download links. If these links fail, the original web page will open.

An alternative target configuration method is based on the operating system. The same short URL can open different web pages when clicked from different devices. Use this feature if you have different landing pages for PCs, Android and iOS devices. Type target links for all operating systems in the appropriate fields, paste a long URL in the upper field and generate a short link with different targets.

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